August 25, 2007

Sweet Potatoes, Baby!

Oh my goodness, we had so much fun eating "veggies" for the first time this weekend! Leo had been doing well all week eating cereal. He seems to really like it now, he opens his mouth and enjoys it. It was definitely time to give him some good stuff. The minute Leo got a taste of something other than rice cereal in his mouth, he went n-u-t-s! Let's just say that Jeremy could not get the sweet potatoes in his mouth fast enough. You will see in one of the pictures that Leo was not patient when we had to refill his bowl with more sweet potatoes. We are lucky to have a baby that is so well tempered. The only time Leo gets upset and cries is really when he wants food. Well, as you will see in one of the following pictures, he felt we were not feeding him fast enough. The minute we had the spoon in his mouth, he was smiling again. Phew!

This is the picture taken when Jeremy was refilling Leo's bowl.

As soon as he had another bite, we had our happy baby back!

Have a wonderful week! We sure will....Blueberry Festival is this coming weekend! I cannot wait. I love the Blueberry Festival. It is the 2nd largest Festival in Indiana and it's in my park! I get to see the entire Festival come together from my big office window! I have to say this is my favorite week of work all year. Another reason I am so excited is because Heather, Dave, Ella and Zak will be staying with us for the weekend! Heather and I equally love the Festival, so we will have a great time. You can be sure that I will update Leo's blog with some pictures of his first Blueberry!

Love, Jenny and Leo

August 16, 2007

Starting Solids!

Hello everyone!
I hope you have had a wonderful week. We sure have! Leo had some very exciting things happen last weekend. The first exciting event was Leo rolling over for the first time! Yeah, Leo! He rolled on Friday from his tummy to his back. Rachell and Lucy were visiting at the time so they got to see his first roll, which was awesome. Jeremy and I have known it was going to happen very, very soon. We even have had the video camera out a couple of times because he was soooooo close!
Atta boy, Leo!

Here are a couple pictures of the day Leo rolled over. Now, he is jealous of his gi
rlfriend Lucy because she is crawling around! Soon, my son, soon!!!

Leo is also getting two teeth! His front, bottom teeth are coming in. They are so cute! They don't seem to be bothering him too much, which I am really thankful for. He has been drooling a lot more. We keep some teething rings in the refrigerator and he seems to really enjoy those. When his teeth come up more and I can get a picture of them, I will certainly post it here!

The third exciting thing Leo did this weekend was try "solid" food for the first time! We started him on rice cereal. He really didn't seem too interested, surprisingly.He doesn't really know exactly what to do with the spoon in his mouth! That is what practice is f
or, right? We are going to do the cereal for a couple of weeks and then move to some veggies. Oh boy, I bet he will enjoy those! It was so funny to watch him eat the cereal. He would just play with it in his mouth, then spit it all over his bib. Hilarious. We tried to capture some pictures so we can share the moment with you all.

So funny, I can't help but grin when I see these pictures.
What a joy Leo is.

Here are a couple gratuitous Chicago Bears pictures of my boys. Gotta love 'em, even if it's not the Peyton Manning jersey I would like to see. However, Leo doesn't seem to mind the Urlacher jersey!

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Jenny and Leo

August 6, 2007

Summer Party

We had such a wonderful weekend in Indy visiting Jeremy's sister, Heather, her husband Dave, our niece Ella Rose (3) and our nephew Zak (4 months). It is so much fun seeing Leo and Zak together! They were born only 5 weeks apart.

Here are a couple pics of the young cousins.

These guys are gonna be such good friends!

Our niece Ella is so much fun! She was all about her dirt pudding that her mom made. There were even gummy worms in it! One of the funniest things about this weekend was when I overheard a father asking his son if he wanted some dirt pudding. The 4 year old must have never heard of dirt pudding (Oreos, whipped cream, pudding) because the look on the little boy's face was priceless! I can definitely see how a four year old might not find dirt pudding to be appetizing!

Check out the cutie.

Heather had a bunch of her friends over for a mid-summer party. There was a moonwalk for the kids, a slip and slide and a little pool. There was a water balloon fight also. I think the adults had more fun with that than the kids did! I just held Leo in front of me as a human shield. It worked really well.

While we were in the Indianapolis area we stopped by to see our friends Mike and Melanie Ulrich. They welcomed a new daughter into their family on July 11. Her name is Morgan Elizabeth and she is just perfect. We love her. Mike said maybe Leo and Morgan can date. He didn't forget to add on, "In 30 years!"

Here is a picture of the proud papas.

Gotta love 'em!
It is hard to believe Leo was that small
just 5 months ago!

Until next time,
Jenny and Leo