June 1, 2008

Wonderful Water Weekend!

Leo got a new toy this weekend, a WATER TABLE! He loves it so much. It took no more than 30 seconds for him to get soaked head to toe. Literally, dripping wet. He is already about 30 pounds, so imagine how heavy he is soaking wet. Luckily he walks.

He kept trying to drink the water from the cup that came with it. Well, I guess he didn't "keep trying", he did drink the water. I think next time we will take away the cups and add a few ducks and a couple more boats.

We then went to a Graduation Party. On the grounds there was a really cool working well. Leo thought for sure it was another water table. I guess it was. We had to keep him away from the well because he would have been thoroughly uncomfortable at the party drenched.

Have a wonderful week!


Jenny and Leo