October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We had a fun time at a new pumpkin patch this year!

We are waiting for Daddy to buy tickets, you can see him patiently standing in line behind the kids.

 Leo and Marcy loved the "cow train"!

Marcy loved the pedal cars. Leo wasn't too interested in them.

 A neat pillow jumpy thing!

This corn room was the kid's favorite part, I think. It is an area with about one foot of corn. It was so dusty in there. They absolutely loved it though!

Leo found a gourd that he thought looked like Captain Hook's hook! :)

Have a GREAT week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy

October 18, 2011

Leo and Marcy's First Purdue Visit!

We met up with some good old friends of mine at Purdue a few weeks ago. Most of these people have been my friends since the first few weeks of my freshman year at Purdue 16 years ago. I love these people dearly, they are truly some of my best friends!

Checking out a neat model of campus

The kids loved the fountains!

It was so much fun to bring our kids to campus. Such a strange thing to have all of our children stomping around OUR old stomping grounds!

 Starbucks and chocolate milk at the student union. It sure has changed a lot!

Lunch at the Lafayette Brewing Company, of course!

I had one of my favorite days ever!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy

Marcy the ballerina

Marcy is our little ballerina! She has been taking ballet classes for a couple of months now and she just loves it!

Leo is thinking that it looks fun!

Have a great week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy

Blueberry Festival 2011

Breakfast at the Airport is one of our favorite things about the Blueberry Festival. Unfortunately this year the skies were very overcast and not many planes came into the airport. We were bummed because normally there are about 100 (seriously) landing and taking off constantly!

Here is about the only airplane we saw!

Marcy and her sausage patty...YUM!

We had a pretty chilly parade morning. Oh well, at least the kids had fun and enjoyed some parade popcorn!

Aunt Heather about 3/4 way through the 5K Blueberry Stomp

Enjoying our corndogs!

Have a great week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy