March 23, 2009

How time flies

Yes, its been a few weeks since Leo's 2nd Birthday and I haven't posted anything! We didn't do very much this year (unlike his 1 year party) because Marcy was just a couple of weeks old and we were all just getting used to being home. Don't worry about Leo though. We had some cake with the Grandparents and he got a bunch of presents. He has been getting presents for 6 weeks now. Because everyone is so thoughtful, when they would come see Marcy they would all bring Leo a present. It's been better than Christmas around here for him.

My poor excuse of a cake. Last year his cake that I made was so cool-this year not so much! He did enjoy eating it though. Next year we will do another fun party and I'll make a better, cooler cake!

Leo got a sweet big wheel! It is a little big for him now, but by the summer time he will be able to ride it just fine!