June 30, 2009

The Zoo!


We had a really great time at the Zoo last weekend! Leo loves all sorts of animals and was so excited to see them all! He is into baby animals too, so we had to be on the lookout for any baby animals!

Marcy was a little angel at the zoo. She is so easygoing! Grandpa gave her a bottle and she slept all through the new African Adventure! She missed the lions and giraffes, but I don't think she minded.

Leo and Grandma checking out the train!

Snack time!

Leo loved the trash cans shaped like animals. We could hardly get past the entrance of the zoo! It was so cute, he had to wave and say bye-bye
to all the trash cans!

Leo and Grandma feeding the ducks!

Have a wonderful week! Love, Jenny, Leo and Marcy

June 12, 2009

Just some pictures!

My babies!

Leo and Lucy hanging out in the canoe

Aunt Dawn holding little Marcy!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy