August 14, 2012

Where has the summer gone???? Here...

Family camping at Potato Creek!

Everyone must earn their keep while camping. :)

 Marcy's rock collection

Marcy had a great time collecting rocks and special things around our campground. She carried this around with her for two days. It was her special "shell". It was actually a bent plastic soda bottle cap. We didn't have the heart to tell her.

Hiking around Potato Creek State Park

The kids also took their first train ride to Chicago! We had a fantastic day at the Shedd Aquarium.

We love you, Chicago!

Awesome jellyfish!
Doesn't this make me look like a professional photographer?!

 Fun times at the Polar Play Zone

A certain little 3 year old was exhausted after a long day in Chicago

Leo played T-ball!

Marcy (in the middle) at her dance recital

Click on the blue below to see Marcy's dance recital.
She starts fourth from the left and it's pretty hilarious. :)

Little sweetie!

Marcy's first haircut

 Some fishing...

and some more fishing!

 Painted Rocks

Fun times at Chain-o-Lakes State Park

Seeing live music

Lots, lots and lots of swimming with friends at
Uncle Jimmy's pool!

 Finding worms!

Feeding chickens

We have had a wonderful, fun-filled summer! You'll forgive me for not posting on the blog, right?! As you can see, we've been quite busy. :)

Hope everyone is doing well!  

Know what's next???

 First day, 8/15/12.

Sending love, 

Jenny, Leo and Marcy