September 18, 2007

The Zoo

We had such a wonderful weekend! Grandma Sally and Grandpa Doug went with us to the Fort Wayne Zoo. It is such an awesome place. Growing up in Fort Wayne I remember going to the zoo with my family a lot. It is neat that Leo is getting to do the same thing at the same place I did. Leo really did have fun looking at all the animals, especially the monkeys, penguins and fish. There is something so special about a child at the zoo. At this age, I realize it is more about us, but who cares! We really had a blast. How can you go wrong with a zoo that has two Dairy Queen's in it?

Here we are in front of Monkey Island. We have the same picture of my dad holding me at the same place when I was about Leo's age!

This drinking fountain has been there for at least 30 years!
I couldn't tell you the number of times I've gotten sips
from it throughout my childhood!

Leo and Grandpa rode on the carousel! Leo really enjoyed it.
year we can do the pony rides!

What a cutie!

Grandpa's little buddy

Here are some of the cool animals we saw. The penguins were so cute!

We just had to hit the gift shop on the way out. This red monkey really caught Leo's eye. He was immediately drawn to it! So guess what?
He got to take it home!

Leo's first visit to Hall's.
The two things missing, however, are Uncle Brette and Aunt Dawn.

After the zoo and Hall's we were all tired, but no one was as tired as Leo.
He had a nice nap on the way home. I am sure he was dreaming about all the fun things we did that day and the new animal friends he made.

I hope everyone is doing well! Don't forget to leave your comments, its always nice to see who is visiting the site!

Until next time, lot of love!

~Jenny and Leo

September 5, 2007

Leo's first Blueberry Festival

Friday night Leo hung out with Grandma and her friends at the Festival. We all had a great time! Leo even got to hang out with his good friend Vaughn. Grandpa Doug came later that evening with friends, after golfing Friday afternoon. Not just any normal Friday golf outing though...Grandpa Doug got his second hole-in-one!

Way to go, Grandpa!!!!

We had a wonderful Blueberry Festival visit with Heather, Dave, Ella and Zak. The cousins had a good time playing with each other, and we enjoyed watching. The boys had on their Notre Dame jerseys for the game on Saturday, but it didn't bring the Irish any luck.

We hit the festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We didn't make it to the park on Monday, but did walk downtown and watch the parade. It was great! Leo really enjoyed watching all the bands, floats, dancers, and yes even the politicians. Everyone knows a politician loves a baby.

Here is a family picture at the parade. Thanks to Heather, we had front row seats in a prime location.
Aunt Heather, Zak, Uncle Dave, Ella, Jeremy and Leo

Ella could hardly wait for the parade to come. She kept sneaking into the road to look down Michigan Street to see how far away the parade was. She is such a doll.

Of course we had to hit the carnival rides! Ella loved the cars. She would have prefered to be riding in a boat, but since there were no boat rides, the car had to do.

We hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend too.

Until next time,

Jenny and Leo

Can you see my teeth?

Leo's bottom two teeth are really showing now!

We had a nice Labor Day hanging out at home. Leo helped Jeremy smoke some chicken for dinner!

Until next time....Bye, bye!

Jenny and Leo