December 13, 2010


We had such a fun time visiting with Santa this past weekend. Leo really is into Santa this year and loves everything about him. It's so cute. We went to a fun event sponsored by the Park Department that is a more intimate Santa visit than the normal one. There were only about 20 kids there, so each child had plenty of time with Santa. Also, each child received a present from Santa, which was great. 

Before Santa made his arrival, some girl scouts were there to sing some Christmas carols. In the above pictures, you can see what Leo did the entire time they were singing. Why was he covering his ears? I have no idea, but everyone in attendance got quite a laugh!

Leo had no hesitation when sitting on Santa's lap. He really didn't want to get off of it, if his present wasn't right there, he could have stayed all day. Marcy on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with Santa. That's OK, maybe next year.

We made peanut butter balls and chocolate pretzels for Santa and Mrs. Claus. Leo was so excited to give them his tasty presents. When his name was called he hid the present behind his back until he got up to Santa and then gave it to him. It was so cute!

All of the well behaved children waiting for their turn with the big man. 

Marcy's present from Santa was a baby doll, which she loved!

Leo got the slinky dog he's asked Santa for already and has been wanting for months. He was overjoyed, as you can plainly see. 

Overall, it was one of my favorite days of all time.

Have a fantastic week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

November 29, 2010

The 2010 Sickmiller Family Christmas Tree!

We had a great time picking out our Christmas Tree this year! The weather was a balmy 42 degrees and the sun shone brightly. We really couldn't have asked for a better day!

 We went to Henslers again this year and took a lovely horse drawn ride out to the trees. 

The kids had a blast running around all of the trees, zooming in and out of the rows!

Marcy is having a great time!

 We found the ONE!

After finding the perfect tree, Jeremy cut it down with his two helpers near (but not too near, Mom).

Relaxing on the tree waiting for our ride back.

After returning to the main area, we had our first Santa visit of the year. Leo was not shy at all and chatted with Santa for some time. Marcy wasn't so sure. I think immediately before and after this picture was taken she was not smiling. :)

All in all we had a wonderful day and found the perfect tree! Now we just need to decorate it!

Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

November 3, 2010


Our little ladybug

Our cowboy

We trick or treated at the downtown businesses and also we went to a couple special houses. Leo was thrilled to see some of his favorite people SPIDERMAN!

The Easter Bunny...

and Shrek!

Trick or treating with Grandpa


Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

October 25, 2010

Just some leaf and night.

Good thing it was bath night! I was pulling leaves out of his ears and nose!

Marcy thought it was funny to bury her big bro.

Pure bliss!

 Night leaf jumping!


 Have a fantastic week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy

October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We had a really great time last weekend picking out our pumpkins at Henslers. Henslers is just the best place in the area to visit for some fall fun. It is also where we cut down our Christmas tree every year also! 

We gathered up the kiddos and met our good friends Rachell, Nate, Lucy and the newest member of their family, Henry, out at the pumpkin patch. 

Aren't they just the cutest?

We took the most beautiful horse drawn hay ride back to the pumpkin patch. It could not have been more perfect! The sun was shining and the weather was just lovely. The tree were different shades of yellow, red and orange. There we were, with some of our best friends, with our wonderful, happy, healthy children. It was definitely one of those moments where I felt so thankful for all of my blessings!

The kids all took pony rides! Even Marcy. She wasn't so sure about it though...

Leo signed a great big pumpkin. He forgot a little thing called "the e".

Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy