April 21, 2008

Ella & Zak's Birthday Party

We went to Indy this weekend for Ella (4) and Zak's (1) combined birthday party! It was so much fun. We all enjoyed ourselves and Leo had fun playing with his cousins. We also decided we need some sort of swing at our house this summer! He giggled the entire time he was swinging!

The Birthday Boy!

Zak devoured his 1st Birthday cake!
About half way through Zak's cake, Leo noticed what was going on. He made his way up to the front of the crowd to Zak's high chair.
He was trying to pull himself up there because he wanted some cake too! He didn't realize that Zak had patiently watched him eat his birthday cake only a few weeks ago!

This was so funny!
Do not feel too bad for Leo, he did get to enjoy
some of his cousins birthday cake!

Ella didn't have her cake at this party. She is having a birthday blow-out next weekend with her friends at the Bounce Zone. She just had presents at this party and to a 4 year old, that's pretty important!

We tried to get a good shot of all the kids together. Once again, it proved to be next to impossible. Ella really tried to step up and get it done though.

She tried to make her little brother look at the camera. She thought if she just moved his head we could get a good picture! She is so funny!

I guess she did it!

Aunt Heather and Zak (with Jo in the background).

Jeremy with nearly 60 pounds of baby.

Leo had a great time playing with Ella's doll
house. Or as Jeremy would call it, a Fort.

Have a fantastic week!


Jenny and Leo

April 17, 2008

A Whole New Ballgame

Someone is walking!

Leo had taken a few steps last week from one toy to a table, toy or person. He took 4 steps at Jayne's last Friday. Then the weekend came and Jeremy and I worked with him just a little bit and he took off! He can now walk the entire length of a room. He loves it and is so proud of himself-as he should be, of course. I know he is going to be running around very soon. I love it, I think it is the greatest. I have been looking forward to the times where we can hold his hand and he walks beside us. He can totally do that now. He could walk all day beside us. It is his balance that needs a bit of work. He is improving every day though!

A walking video will be posted soon, I promise!

Our friends Missy and Dave have a daughter named Elizabeth who is 5 days younger than Leo. They came over to our house on Sunday for a playdate. The kids love each other and had a blast playing together. Elizabeth sat on Leo's rockin' puppy and Leo pushed her around the whole house.

Isn't she gorgeous?

They are so cute!

Have a great day!


Jenny and Leo

April 15, 2008

Party Time!

My good friend Spring was in town for her bridal shower this weekend! I used to live with Spring in Vancouver, Washington for two years and we have been friends since I moved to Plymouth in Jr. High. She will be getting married in Portland, Oregon in August and we will be attending.

Leo and Spring

It is always fun getting together with my friends, and Leo loves to play with all his friends! In the above picture: Leo & his lovely Mama, Julie & Vaughn, Spring, Lisa, & Jet, Rachell & Lucy.

Leo loved the fact that there were toys all over to play with and so did I!

Leo and Vaughn are buddies!

Leo and Lucy, Tug-of-War!

Jet is wondering what the heck Leo is doing! Jet is adorable!

Have a wonderful week!


Jenny and Leo

April 7, 2008

Everyone loves Kendra!

We were so happy that my (our) cousin Kendra was able to swing by for a visit on Sunday! She was driving from Chicago to Fort Wayne and it just so happens Plymouth is right along the way! We always love visiting with Kendra, she is the greatest. We love you!

Outside was definitely the place to be this past weekend. Finally we are getting some Spring like weather! My peonies are even beginning to pop up in the back yard!

Have a great week!


Jenny and Leo

April 2, 2008

Kesha is FUN!

I don't know what it is about Kesha, but dogs and kids love her. I mean, every dog and every child I know is obsessed with Aunt Kesha- its crazy. I think it has something to do with her getting on the floor and playing constantly with both species. We are so happy that Kesha is visiting us from Denver and will be here for a couple of weeks!

That is Leo standing by himself. He is doing that more and more now, for longer periods of time. Soon he is just going to take off walking because his balance is improving daily. Once he realizes that he can indeed walk across the room, he is going to be unstoppable!

Have a fantastic week!


Jenny and Leo