April 15, 2008

Party Time!

My good friend Spring was in town for her bridal shower this weekend! I used to live with Spring in Vancouver, Washington for two years and we have been friends since I moved to Plymouth in Jr. High. She will be getting married in Portland, Oregon in August and we will be attending.

Leo and Spring

It is always fun getting together with my friends, and Leo loves to play with all his friends! In the above picture: Leo & his lovely Mama, Julie & Vaughn, Spring, Lisa, & Jet, Rachell & Lucy.

Leo loved the fact that there were toys all over to play with and so did I!

Leo and Vaughn are buddies!

Leo and Lucy, Tug-of-War!

Jet is wondering what the heck Leo is doing! Jet is adorable!

Have a wonderful week!


Jenny and Leo

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Anonymous said...

Too cute. Mom -- did you and your friends discuss family planning?!?! Too funny that you all are holding children the in the same age range!

Aunt D