April 17, 2008

A Whole New Ballgame

Someone is walking!

Leo had taken a few steps last week from one toy to a table, toy or person. He took 4 steps at Jayne's last Friday. Then the weekend came and Jeremy and I worked with him just a little bit and he took off! He can now walk the entire length of a room. He loves it and is so proud of himself-as he should be, of course. I know he is going to be running around very soon. I love it, I think it is the greatest. I have been looking forward to the times where we can hold his hand and he walks beside us. He can totally do that now. He could walk all day beside us. It is his balance that needs a bit of work. He is improving every day though!

A walking video will be posted soon, I promise!

Our friends Missy and Dave have a daughter named Elizabeth who is 5 days younger than Leo. They came over to our house on Sunday for a playdate. The kids love each other and had a blast playing together. Elizabeth sat on Leo's rockin' puppy and Leo pushed her around the whole house.

Isn't she gorgeous?

They are so cute!

Have a great day!


Jenny and Leo

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