October 3, 2008

Recent Pics

Leo enjoying a banana and juice before school! He now sits at the table like a big boy and he loves it.

It has been too long since I have posted. We are keeping busy around here! Leo started a new "school" a couple of weeks ago and he is loving it. He brings home paintings and crafts every day. We are running out of room on our refrigerator! This month they are learning about apples, the letters have been "N" and "M", and the color of the month is brown.
Leo's school was canceled one day last week because of a death in the family, so my friend Rachell and her daughter Lucy (Leo's girlfriend who also attends school with Leo) decided to play hookey from work and go shopping! Both of the kids were measured for new shoes. It's about time to put the sandals away! Leo is a size 7.5 XW. Oye.

Have a fantastic day!

Jenny and Leo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Really love the pics.

Love to All!

Aunt D