May 12, 2009

King of the Farmer's Market

Last weekend the farmer's market season once again began for us! It was a pretty chilly day, but there was a wonderful turnout. They had a ribbon cutting, so of course dad was involved being with the Chamber of Commerce. It is only natural that Leo would have a part in the ribbon cutting too! Leo, Grandpa and the Mayor of Plymouth cut the ribbon! Leo thought it was pretty cool that Grandpa was talking on the microphone too!

Leo just wanders around the market and everyone seems to know him. "Hello, Leo", "Hi, Leo", etc.

Marcy stayed home with Jeremy because she had a little case of the sniffles and it was chilly. Maybe next week we can bring her along and she can be Queen (or princess) of the market!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Love, Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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