May 18, 2010

Shouldn't you be sleeping??? (click the play button)


Anonymous said...

Love you too, Leo!!! Thanks for "my" special video. Brought tears to my eyes. Miss you guys so much! Again, thanks for keeping us "there" by your blog postings. I know its hard to find the time for them, but I'm sure there are many besides me that enjoy the postings. Give the kids hugs and kisses for us.

Aunt Dawn

Anonymous said...

Uncle Brette was soooo jealous!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy said...

Awww...I should have had him say "love you" to Uncle Brette too!!! Silly me. Well, as long as he knows we do love him, all is well.
Miss you guys too!

Hannah, Hope and Jordan said...

Adorable! :)