March 18, 2011

Now it's MY turn!

Happy Birthday to ME! Leo, Marcy and Grandpa had a "surprise" party for me last week on my birthday. The day before my b-day my dad picked the kiddos up from school and they went birthday shopping. The kids could pick out whatever they wanted for me. I was fully expecting to have some Spongebob toothpaste and a new shower poof, but instead I got a lovely coffee mug from my main man Leo and some *cough cough* great smelling *cough* lotion from Marcy.

On my birthday dad again picked up the kids from school. They came home with balloons, a cake, some ice cream and some special plates and napkins the kids also picked out. They were so proud of themselves! I got a big "SURPRISE" when I got home. It was awesome.

Thanks, Dad for my wonderful surprise party! I will never, ever forget it. You are the best and I love you!

Have a great week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jen, he is absolutely the Best!