April 25, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter weekend! The forecast initially called for rain all weekend, but we lucked out and saw no rain during the day! The Easter Bunny even found our house and left a basket for Leo and one for Marcy.

We went and had breakfast with the Easter Bunny the day before Easter. We met some friends there and had a very enjoyable time! Leo loved the Easter Bunny and hung around him all weekend. Marcy on the other hand...

This is as close as Marcy would get to the Easter Bunny! At least we have a picture with the Bunny in the background!


On Easter we had a little egg hunt in our backyard that the kids loved!

We hope you had a great Easter too!

Love, Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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Kelly said...

Jenny....You look GREAT! Miss you TONS!!! Looks like Mr. Bunny was good to the kids. Let's find a long weekend this summer to get together. Katz Klan visit = TROUBLE!!!!!!!!
p.s. Tell Jeremy that if he builds us a shelf, I'll crochet him some angry birds! HAHA!