February 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Marcy!

Our little Marcy turned 3 last Saturday. She was so excited for her birthday, especially for her birthday cake. She wanted a Dora cake this year. She also had a Dora cake last year. :) Remember??
~last year~

Blowing out the candles!
 Leo enjoyed the cake!

Marcy loves her new stroller for her babies!

Not a great picture, but Marcy also got a new pink scooter. She loved it! We brought Leo's scooter in from the garage and let them zip around the house all day. They had a blast!

Leo and Marcy will be having a birthday party in 2 weeks for all of their friends. Because their birthdays are so close, we are doing a combined party this year. We are really looking forward it! It will be a "Pirate and Princess Party".
The kids can hardly wait!

Have a great week!
Jenny, Leo and Marcy


Anonymous said...

It was a super fun birthday cake "brunch"...Love G-ma

Kelly said...

I love it! Happy Birthday Marcy (and to Leo soon as well!!!)
I think that James will fit in that stroller...haha!!!

Aunt Kelly