August 16, 2008

The King of Farmer's Market

The usual Saturday morning for Leo and I consists of going to the Farmer's Market downtown, meeting Grandpa, and getting our weekly supply of veggies, fruit and fresh cut flowers. Today was special because Jeremy decided to come along with us. I think a main reason he went is because of the awesome breakfast burritos a local hispanic gentleman makes (which are amazing) but we will take Jeremy any way we can get him. Leo thinks he runs the Farmer's Market. He gets out of his stroller and just cruises around. Every now and then you will just hear a random person say, "Hi Leo"! He is the King of Farmer's Market.

Leo always find some yummy stuff to munch on while shopping. Today started off with some blueberry cobbler. He and Grandpa shared one.

After his cobbler, Leo decided he wanted some straight blueberries, which he devoured. Blueberries are one of his favorite things to eat!

After his blueberries ran out, he munched on some cantelope. Delicious!

Leo really does think he runs Farmer's Market. He likes to get out of his stroller and cruise around, chatting with people and chasing dogs. Many people know who he is, so you will hear in passing, "Hi Leo"! He really is the King of the Farmer's Market.

Messy boy! Good thing I brought along wet wipes for his face and hands! He is getting to be such a big boy...

Have a wonderful week!
Until next time,
Jenny and Leo

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