August 25, 2008

Fun Summer Day!

We had a fun weekend hanging out with our friend Jimmy who was home visiting from Georgia! A lot of our friends got together at his house and we had a fun day of grilling out, swimming and for the non-pregnant people, drinking. Jeremy pushed Leo on this swing for over a half an hour and he loved every second!

We took a dip!

After one swimming session I removed Leo's swim diaper and he took off! There was a yard game going on and he ripped right through it and straight to the swingset/slide combo. On the way he reached down and grabbed a bottle (plastic) of whiskey. It was hilarious. Leo running naked through the yard with a bottle of booze. Crazy. Definately a photo to share with him when he is a little bit older!
Don't call Child Protective Services on me, we immediately took the bottle away (after a photo, of course).

Have a great week! We are looking forward to Blueberry Festival this coming weekend and a visit from Leo's cousins!


Jenny and Leo

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