February 16, 2009

And Marcy makes 4

Introducing Marcy Rae!

She was born on Feb. 11th at 3:16 in the afternoon! She weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and is absolutely perfect in every way! After our scheduled induction was postponed for two days (yes, very upsetting and frustrating...) we arrived at the hospital at 6 a.m. to meet our little girl-and a short 9 hours later we did!

Leo had a good time at the hospital visiting us. He has loved Marcy since the moment he saw her, as we all do.

Leo is obsessed with holding his little sister. He always sits on the couch with his pillow patting it for the "baby". The funny thing is though, once she is on his lap, he will hardly touch her. He holds his hands up like he is in the picture above. Every once in awhile he will stroke her head, but for the most part its hands off! We never told him not to touch her, in fact, we encourage that he gives her kisses and strokes her head. He is a goofball.

Precious girl.

Daddy and his little girl.
Life is good, indeed.

Coming home from the hospital

Leo made a great card for his little sister at school that day!

The Happy Family

So I guess it is time to change the name of the blog from "Leo Douglas" to "Leo Douglas and Marcy Rae". I am going to keep the web address the same, however. Enough people (hopefully) look at the website and I don't want to loose any of our posts.
Until next time, we love you all.
Thank you for all of the happy thoughts and warm wishes!
Jenny, Leo and Marcy


Anonymous said...

Super Mom, I just can't believe you've already got this posted!!! THANK YOU for sharing so quickly. Wish we could be there to share in the joy. Marcy is beautiful and I'm sure her big brother is happy, as are the rest of you.

Can't wait to meet her in person!


Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brette

Anonymous said...

By the way mom, I never gave you any permission what so ever to post this "blog" or so you say.

Sincerely, Leo Sickmiller