February 5, 2009

Our little Angel

The look of pure innocence.

How could my perfect boy make such a mess in his bedroom? Notice the upsidedown sippy cup in his empty drawer. Where did all of the clothes go? Also, his crib is usually on the wall OPPOSITE of where his little dresser is. We have since put the wheel locks on.

Ahh, the clothes ended up in the middle of his floor! How fun!

He successfully emptied all of his clothes out of his drawer.

Oh wait, I see one little shirt left.

We are all getting ready for a new baby here at the Sickmiller house. Even Leo is joining in. He is learning to diaper his teddy bear, Freddie.

He is going to be such a good big brother.


I hope everyone has an enjoyable week! It will be an interesting one for us, to say the least.
I guarantee that the next post will include the new baby, Marcy Rae!
Signing off for the last time as a duo,
Jenny and Leo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did Leo get the idea that's what a bedroom is suppose to look like from somewhere???? He's just so darn cute!!! I know that he'll be a great big brother and we can't wait to see Marcy Rae.

Our love to you all!

Aunt Dawn