September 24, 2009

Downtown Fun!

We had a great time last Friday night going downtown Plymouth for some live music and simple fun. One of the perks of living in a small town, I guess. Grandpa, Leo, Marcy and I headed out and met up with Lucy and her dad, Nate. The kids are so natural together because they have known each other their entire lives, literally. They also go to "school" together, so they are good buddies. 

There was live music, so Leo and Lucy took over the dance floor. It was hilarious, they were just chasing each other around in circles!

Leo was pretty exciting that he got a balloon dinosaur! It slowly shrunk throughout the evening though. It started off with a balloon leash, and ended up being a little nub. 

 Sometimes it is hard to share...

 Bye, bye leash!

Yes, I know what it looks like. 

And finally, the nub. So long, dinosaur balloon friend! Your short time on this earth was filled with a lot of joy.

Lucy and Marcy!

Leo and Grandpa

Time to head home after a fun evening!

Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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Anonymous said...

nice. wish we could have seen it in person.


Aunt Dawn