September 9, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Hello! It's been quite awhile since I have updated the blog. I guess its just been crazy at our house! We just completed construction on our home addition and we are now getting some normalcy back into our lives. Phew!

Marcy and Leo are both doing great! Marcy is 7 months old (tomorrow) and she has about 6 teeth. She has been such a trooper! I don't think they have bothered her at all. It hasn't caused her to wake up at night, which Jeremy and I are thankful for! She's our "amazing sleeping baby", just like Leo was. Both of my kids have slept through the night since 6 weeks old. It's awesome.

Marcy is starting to make some funny noises! Her favorite now is "Blah"! We blah right back at her too. She is really easy to get to laugh and her giggle is the best!

Leo is such a fun little boy! He is 2 1/2 this month. He has the best sense of humor of any child I've ever seen...he is hilarious! He is really into anything dinosaur right now. He also likes the Wonder Pets on TV! He loves his little sister so much. He can really get her laughing, and he thinks that is neat.

Can you believe those big blue eyes? How gorgeous!

Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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Doug Anspach said...

My beautiful babies....Grandma