April 9, 2010


 We had a really fun Easter weekend! Leo and I went to "Breakfast with the Bunny" Saturday morning and then to the Park Department Community Easter Egg Hunt. Leo went right up to the Bunny and gave him a big hug! It was so cute! Marcy and Jeremy stayed home so Marcy could get a nap before the Egg Hunt (that never was to be for her, unfortunately). 
After breakfast the weather turned nasty. It became cold and rainy. Boo! So, Jeremy and Marcy stayed home and Leo and I did end up going to the park anyway to hunt for eggs. I work at the Park and did so much for this event, there was no way I was missing it. I don't have any of the cute pictures I planned on getting because the camera would have gotten soaked. But, picture this in your head...Leo smiling really big and running around picking up egg after egg! There was around 4000 eggs hidden in the park. Leo ended up with about a dozen and we had a great time.

Leo discovering his basket from the Easter Bunny!

Marcy's basket!

 Getting ready for the hunt at our house!

Nice gloves, Leo!

Marcy would rather help Daddy and Grandpa
build her new swingset!

Have a fantastic week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Glad Leo wasn't afraid of the Bunny and that he had a great time hunting for eggs.

Did the boys every get Marcy's swingset up?

Love to All.

Aunt Dawn

Jenny, Leo and Marcy, www.leodouglas.blogspot.com said...

Swingset pics to come soon!
Love you, Aunt Dawn!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy, www.leodouglas.blogspot.com said...
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