April 12, 2010

We LOVE our new swingset!

This is the look of pure concentration.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Even Marcy got in on the sandbox action. We asked Leo if Marcy played with the sandbox at school and he said that she ate the sand. We kept our eye on her and I am happy to report that there was no sand-eating going on.
Leo and his ever-present variety of animals. 

Thank you, Daddy and Grandpa for building our new swingset! It is guaranteed to provide us with hours and hours of enjoyment for many years to come!

Have a great week!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy Rae


Anonymous said...

nice job, boys! i'm sure the kids will enjoy it.


Aunt Dawn

ECUTwinMama said...

Found you via YHL. I would LOVE those plans for my twin daughters, if you care to share? I LOVE the finished product!

Jenny, Leo and Marcy said...

Sure! Let me look around the house tonight. I hope hope hope my husband kept his sketches. If not, like I told J&S I bet with the cut list you could figure it out. My favorite thing about the swingset are the steps leading up to the "clubhouse". Unlike store bought ones, my husband made them flat, sturdy and nearly trip proof.
I can email you the cut list now, if you would like???