August 24, 2010

We love the zoo!

We had a fantastic time at one of our favorite places on earth last weekend, the Fort Wayne Zoo! 

 The highlight of the trip was definitely getting to feed the giraffes. It was so cool! Both of the kids got to feed them a huge piece of lettuce. I didn't get a picture of Marcy doing it though, I was busy making sure she didn't poke the giraffe's eyes or something. 

 Marcy's first ride!

Leo was also very excited to ride the merry-go-round! We've been watching Mary Poppins at our house a lot lately which has a great merry-go-round scene. Although our horses (or tigers, or elephants) didn't jump off the ride, we had a blast riding anyway. We rode twice.  

 Grandma giving Marcy crackers to feed the ducks!

Leo and Grandpa, best buddies forever!

Marcy and Grandpa doing laps!

Grooming the goats. The goats are not my favorites. 

Yay! Pony rides!
This was Candy, and she was very sweet!

Grandpa and Marcy after lunch at Hall's! Sorry,Uncle Brette and Aunt Dawn, we missed you!

Have a great week!


Jenny, Leo and Marcy


Anonymous said...

AWW such great memories!! I'm not found of goats either =) hope your having a great summer

Bee n Mike

Anonymous said...

Great pix. Almost feels like we were at Halls too! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love you All!

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brette