September 8, 2010

Blueberry Festival

We had such a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Every year, our town in inundated with tens of thousands of visitors for the Marshall County Blueberry Festival. It is held in beautiful Centennial Park! Which so happens is right where my office is located, so I get to see all of the vendors mosey in, and then book it out! We love the Blueberry Festival in our house. Especially since we always get to enjoy it with family.

And...the food is amazing!

Leo and Marcy enjoying some corndogs!

You need to get some of these blueberry donuts at the Blueberry Festival! They are so yummy, hot and fresh!

and a Blueberry Shake...a Sickmiller favorite, for sure!

This is the first year we let Leo ride any of the rides. He enjoyed these motorcycles and then a car ride. 

Getting securely buckled up by Daddy

He thought he was cool stuff!

We did some other fun things including a blueberry pancake breakfast at the Plymouth Airport and we watched a parade! More posts to come...


Jenny, Leo and Marcy

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